Thursday, April 16, 2020

Pandemic Relief 'Today I saw a news article with a title of "determined couple finds way to vacation to Hawaii" So I Click the link and there is a man sitting in front of a washing machine window, with a tablet? inside it with a view of the clouds. Sad for them. Instantly I was brought back to the Eleven hour trip to Hawaii my husband and I spent on Hawaiian Airlines with their fantastic staff. I had to include below my favorite fire torch throwing guy from the island of Samoa at Polynesian Cultural Center. That place was great. Purple rolls from sweet potato, canoe music and a football hall of fame. I can not say enough about it. If you have never gone to Hawaii, its a bucket list absolutely you have to -and try to do it before you need new knees. These pictures are for those people. Stay Motivated! No Sports due to the Virus means no immediate need for Athletic Trainers and Massage therapy is a big risk -so it left me with the shared dilemma of way too many people- no income. When eggs went up to $4.16 a half dozen I was like- We need some chickens. Luckily before the Chick order was placed a compassionate friend saw a sign in the Tractor Store that read "Free chickens and ducks to a good home." So I called and now am one of 'those people.' Yup instant Chicken Mama-Thank God for the bloggers and You Tube or the Flock all would've died the first week. No joke. Initial investment was food and stuff to put food/water into and the rest became a family project. Building a duck den to keep the Flock fighting down to a minimum, training the family to: Collect the Quacken, Release the Quacken and what food's ok to spoil the Quacken was a research project in itself. But the entertainment and education learning is PRICELESS. Even the Girl Scout troops are learning online and loving the daily updates and duck challenges. Ever heard of goat yoga- well Duck Yoga is way more fun when there is one imitating you. This picture of the balance on one leg trick was a 3 1/2 minute staring contest on one leg with a duck. It happened. Princess Won. Yoga any time, anywhere. Stay Healthy Friends, get outside and breath fresh air without a mask on, exercise alone or spaced out, but do it for your mental health. If you have the fancy phones, Facetime and exercise together! Fight the 19 pound gain from sitting home alone, and wash your hands before you eat! Think of the beautiful skin you will have from not touching your face. Meditate, stay on your work schedule, and read a book. Peace out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Resolution Bodyworks awarded Best MT Professional of 2015 by Thumbtack

It's been a fun learning experience diving into technology. As we network with other types of professionals, clients, and friends we share great resources for new business ideas. Thanks to my tree guy, I found Thumbtack, and now have a nice way to have an automated feedback system and way to connect client referrals. Keeping fan pages and flooding the internet is not my style. I get bugged by businesses daily with newsletters etc. and my inbox gets way too full! So in my small protest, I do not send these newsletter types out. If you want to know the latest thing I would like to share check out the facebook page for Resolution Bodyworks. Or better yet, come visit for a session or a chat! Thanks goes out to my new clients that booked by using Thumbtack for your feedback!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Anatomy is the structure, Physiology is the function-how is your Anatomy functioning?
The more we study anatomy we learn how our body functions in an ideal world.  Ideally we would each get a list from our parents of foods we like, can tolerate, and some we should stay away from or avoid forever.  Fortune has it that we have freedom of choice!   We humans learn by experimenting.  According to E. Ellis' 2003 thesis research paper- 'The average child  takes 8 exposures to the same food to start to like it.  If on the Autistic spectrum it can take up to 27 times to try the food.' There are patient parents like mine who forced brussel sprouts on me to this day-and I enjoy them now, but my kids call them hairballs and I gave up at about 6 tries.after eating way too many leftovers.....There are other heads of greens in this land.......
Since we do Not get a list, nor an instruction book that explains our unique body's changing needs, we look to nutritionists, the latest theory read in Prevention magazine, Facebook recipes and whatever gathering product party is happening.   The important point that so many clients overlook is that you are chemically made wonderfully special.  No two bodies can tolerate the same diet- even in the same family.  Genetics do matter, and family history does repeat itself.  Ask anyone who has a gallbladder issue-if female, its from their father's family genes, if male, their mother's genes.  You may think that your back is always going to hurt on the lower left side and you may be right unless you change your diet.  WHAT???
Its a popular truth that client's come in with complaints of lower back pain, that increases in the early morning, and it goes away during the day.  WHY?  Here is one good reason:  READY!
Because chemical changes due to hormone releases in the morning create our daily habits. Example: in an ideal world we go to the bathroom every morning. But Ideal isn't always the case with travelling, STRESS, lack of adequate liquid intake, STRESS, lack of exercise, STRESS, and all kinds of other reasons. Btw Did you know a monthly massage can give you an outlet to relieve stress and discuss your discomforts?
 Example: Here is some lower back Anatomy:  Your hips are like a bowl that carries your guts,(pelvic cavity holds the intestines) You have ligaments that hold the bones together and other connective tissue that wraps around muscles that create your "core" strength,(iliacus, iliopsoas, transverse abdominal, and Sciatic joint fascia).  All these muscles and fascia get stress put on them if your intestines are full and not emptied on a regular basis.
Ask me how I can help you figure out what is going on with your diet, that may be influencing your anatomy.  But ask me during an appointment, because I have to go to sleep..... SLEEP is an integral part of having a properly functioning anatomy!   btw... massage can help you sleep too.......make an appointment and chat soon!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stay Positive This holiday season

If your answer to 'how do you manage your time for the holiday season?' is "I don't-I am so stressed that I can't handle doing my daily life and added shopping, cooking and cleaning." You may need some resources to help you out this year.   Start with a fresh palette of ideas that come from a relaxed mind.  If you can schedule stress reduction into your pre-holiday shopping time, your post shopping time and your recovery from the season time, your apt to suffer less pain, discomfort and anxiety for the season.
A 20 minute massage therapy session once every three weeks physiologically reduces the amount of cortisol in your body, which reduces stress. Yoga is life.  If you include any of the foundations of yoga, such as stretching, deep breathing, moving slow, or being spiritually mindful of your surroundings, life becomes more pleasant. Try to use coping mechanisms of stress that are building, and not spirit breaking.   Alcohol for instance, reduces the level of vitamin B, which is your stress fighting vitamin complex, so either stay away from it during the holidays or supplement your vitamins if you don't already. Cardiovascular exercise even for 10 minutes boosts your heart rate and helps your body "study for the test" of life on the go.  You can even walk in place at home, climb your stairs or do a few modified push ups against a wall to achieve a "warming up" of the body.  It only takes a one degree raise in body temperature to boost your metabolism and immune system.  Once your are warm, you get thirsty- and more water gives you more energy.  Drink a glass every morning and night for the easiest way to get more energy.  Make your resolution for next year to start early shopping, and scheduling your stress reduction time.  If it's not on the calendar-it doesn't happen.
By learning from our mistakes of the past, we press forward creating new traditions of  the future.  Accept things as they are to experience the richness of the moment and limit your perfection expectation to what you can do right now.   Schedule extra travel time and bring a book with you just in case you have extra time.  Take time to sit, relax, and be still in good posture.  Holidays look brighter after you have rested your eyes even if just for a moment of three deep breaths.  For more information contact our website for a free consultation.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Fixed with the FIT principle and a little A & P

Need Some solutions for your aches and pains? It may be just a click away to research why it might hurt "right there". There are a few people who may get overwhelmed with looking at what our body looks like from the inside out-but if you ask google or any anatomy studying massage therapist/athletic trainer you may find the 'How this works', and then you can figure out the "why it doesn't work now." 
 Recent activity for your body usually tells the story of  possible causes for injury.  We medics call it the mechanism of injury.  Figure out what the possible cause of muscle injury is by using the F.I. T. questions.. 
F= frequecy   ? did you just change the frequency of your workout? or start doing any chores more often like say- shovel snow or spring cleaning. How frequently do you feel the pain?
I= intensity   ? did you intensify your workouts by changing routes for walk/running or intensify the Impact of your surface that you are walking on- like going from tennis court to concrete? How intense is your pain? 
T= time  ? did you add time to your workouts or change the time of day that you exercise. When did you start feeling the pain? 
Research the area that you feel pain- upper thigh = what muscles? what do they do, and how do they work- and how do I work the opposite muscles so the painful ones will relax and stop causing me pain. Call your doctor or see an assessment from a certified Athletic Trainer or both!  
The issues are in the tissues! take the time to learn a little Anatomy and Physiology, and a new view of your body will open up to you.  
Then it's all about the motivation to work the solution into your Daily Activities.  
You can learn, think and do something to heal all in the same time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite reality TV show.    

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting Fresh

First there was the word, and the word was God.  Paraphrased from the book of John 
 Starting your day with the word, or a prayer, or a deeeeppp breath, can be the best preparation for a day of real life.  Forgive yourself for the past, and make a resolution that you will have a happy default mode.  Imagine a nice picture, a pleasant sound or song, and a nature association to fall back on when the stress creeps in.  Think of your stress, think of the picture, think of your stress, think of the song,etc....  And before you put your feet on the ground to start your day- be surefooted.  Both feet on the ground, heels pressure, then toe push off.  Deep breath. Armed with breathing, memory retraining and God, Nothing is impossible.